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Global Poverty Reduction: What can Regional Organisations Do?

Global poverty needs prompt and effective action. The 1.2 billion people still living in extreme poverty require support by all development partners, at a local, national and international level. Regional associations of nations have unrealised p…

Assessment of National Financing and Investment Policies in the ECOWAS Member Countries with Regard to the ECOWAS Regional Financing and Investment Protocol

Regional integration has been at the helm of the African Union (AU)’s development approach since 1980 when this was enshrined in the Lagos plan of Action, with a view to integrating the Continent into a pan-African political unity and industrializat…

Unscrambling Subsidiarity in the African Union: From Competition to Collaboration

Subsidiarity is a political concept that prioritises the role of local actors over those further removed from the situation at hand. Although unclear, the principle has been used in Africa to justify why regional bodies should take the lead in respo…

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