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Migration Policy Frameworks in Africa

There are various migration policy frameworks and regimes on the African continent. These include policies developed by the African Union (AU) and the various regional economic communities, as well as those adopted by the AU in agreement with the E…

Role of refugees in South Sudan’s peace process

Refugees tend to be more accommodating of ethnic differences, which makes them good agents for peacebuilding.

Living at the edge of the world: Stories of Sahrawi refugees

Western Sahara is a territory located in North-Western Africa, bordering Morocco, Algeria and Mauritania. The Territory was under Spanish administration until 1963, when the decolonisation process of Western Sahara began. That same year, it was adde…

Unaccompanied and afraid in Egypt

At 14, Abdulrahman Ali* was persistently pursued by Al-Shabaab recruiters in Mogadishu to become a child soldier. He never considered it: he ignored their text messages and rarely left his uncle’s house. He felt safe for a while living in a section …

IN DEPTH: Unpacking Ethiopia's revised refugee law

Ethiopia's parliament adopted a revised refugee law on 17 January 2019, which the United Nations (UN) has hailed as one of the most progressive refugee laws on the continent. It replaces the country's 2004 Refugee Proclamation, and grants the countr…

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