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SAIIA Southern Africa Record no 1

This document include the folowing articles: Statement by the South African Prime Minister, B.J. Vorster, in the Senate, Cape Town, on 23 October, 1974; Statement by Ambassador R.F. Botha, Permanent Representative of South Africa to the United Natio…

SAIIA International Affairs Bulletin, vol. 10, no. 3, 1986

This International Affairs Bulletin contains three articles by various authors. Andre du Pisani’s article isolates, identifies and describes the features of South Africa’s policies towards Namibia, which are regional in scope and intention and ca…

SAIIA Newsletter vol. 6, no. 1, 1974

The first article is the report of the National Chairman, Dr. Leif Egeland, to the Biennial Meeting of the National Executive Council on 14 March 1974. Henry Olivier’s article describes the significance of Cabora Bassa for Southern Africa. Its shor…

SAIIA Newsletter No. 1, 1972

This newsletter contains four articles on various topics. The article by A.G. Mountain concerns opportunities offered to South Africa by the East Coast islands. Colin Eglin’s article states that it is in the interests of South Africa, Southern A…

Can South Africa move beyond race?

The focus of this paper is the racial problems still in existence in South Africa after the 1994 elections. A comparison of race relations in South Africa, Brazil and the United States is justified with regard to similarities and differences. The p…

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