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Falling between the Cracks? Prospects for Environmental Litigation Arising from Oil Production in Southern Sudan

"Oil production in Southern Sudan has degraded agricultural lands and caused mass displacement and suffering of local pastoralist and agriculturalist communities. This paper seeks to identify the legal system governing the adjudication of environme…

The Contractual Implications of the Tanzania Upstream Petroleum Fiscal Regime

The purpose of this brief is to examine the effectiveness of the current fiscal regime and its contractual implications. The investor and the government may have different objectives in the development of gas fields. With the current fiscal regime, …

Making Sense of South Sudan's New Petroleum HSE Management System and Plan Regulations

Environmental conditions in South Sudan’s petroleum producing areas have continued to deteriorate. This is demonstrated by recent reports of oil leaks and spills, inappropriate handling of produced water and mud pits, birth defects, people and anima…

Efficiency, Sustainability and Exit Strategy in the Oil and Gas Sector: Lessons from Ecuador for Uganda

This paper forecasts the sustainability challenge in Uganda’s oil and gas sector by drawing lessons from the Ecuadorian experience. It reveals that Ecuador in the recent past realized the challenge of sustainability in its petroleum sector, and sinc…

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