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Social Protection of the Elderly in Tanzania: Current Status and Future Possibilities

"This brief summarises the findings of a study on social protection of elderly in Tanzania. The study began by analysing the current status of living arrangements and material well-being of Tanzanians over 60 years of age, using data from the 2007 H…

Welfare Effects of a Non-contributory Old Age Pension: Experimental Evidence for Ekiti State, Nigeria

Many countries in the developing world have implemented non-contributory old-age pensions. Evidence of the impact of such policies on the elderly in Sub-Saharan Africa is scarce, however. In this paper, we provide the first evidence from a randomize…

Ghost Names, Shadow Workers, And The Public Sector Wage Bill

"The revelations that ghost names exist on the Judicial Service payroll and that attempts are under way to get rid of them, is disturbing yet welcome news. Earlier in the year 2001, representatives of some donor agencies and countries called on the …

Industry Regulation in Botswana: Case Studies in Industry Governance, Implementation and Public Accountability

"In recent years the Government of Botswana has retreated in some form from direct production and provision of many goods and services in favour of achieving various policy goals through regulation. This book takes the view of regulation as a form o…

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