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Non-State Social Protection in Ethiopia: Characteristics,Governance and Policy Relevance

"Non-state actors (NSAs) in Ethiopia play a vital role in providing social protection services to address poverty, inequality and vulnerabilities affecting livelihood. However, information about them, an essential component in planning, is scarce in…

The Role of Governance in the Performance of Non-State Social Protection Services in Senegal

"The Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP, 2010) that Senegal created outlines social protection as being pivotal, both in terms of creating sustainable growth in the economy as well as leading to the alleviation of poverty. A major concern is the…

Civil Society Participation in Uganda's APRM Process

Ugandan NGOs faced challenges in influencing their national APRM process, but this paper shows that with resourcefulness, focus and energy, motivated groups can make a difference. In Uganda, umbrella organisations were appointed to represent civil s…

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