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Poverty Reduction Initiatives in Tanzania The State of the Arts, Challenges and Prospects

"A total of eighteen papers were presented during the two-day workshop. The papers presented during the workshop were essentially focused on the persistent problem of poverty in Tanzania with the aim of examining poverty reduction initiatives in T...

Challenging the Negative Discourse on Human Rights in Africa

"The recent proliferation of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and independent media across Africa is an important positive development. They play an essential role by investigating government policy, exposing corruption and human rights viol...

Removing Neo Colonialism's APRM Mask A Critique of the African Peer Review Mechanism

"The arguments made here should suggest a rethink by any community-based organisation, social movement, non-governmental organisation and other progressive body if they are presently legitimating NEPAD policies, Bretton Woods Institution mandates,...

Building the Capacity of Grassroots Networks to Enhance their Understanding of Climate Change Policy Processes: Lessons from Capacity Strengthening in the Least Developed Countries for Adaptation to Climate Change

The objectives of this study are twofold. On the one hand it is attempting to demonstrate the importance of capacity building in Civil Society Organisations with regard to understanding climate change policy processes. CSO's can reach a large numb...

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