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Building the Capacity of Grassroots Networks to Enhance their Understanding of Climate Change Policy Processes: Lessons from Capacity Strengthening in the Least Developed Countries for Adaptation to Climate Change

The objectives of this study are twofold. On the one hand it is attempting to demonstrate the importance of capacity building in Civil Society Organisations with regard to understanding climate change policy processes. CSO's can reach a large numb...

Rapport d’étude sur l’Environnement Propice des Organisation de la Societe Civile De la République du Congo /Study Report on the Suitable Environment for Civil Society Organizations in the Republic of Congo

So, how do we define the term civil society in the Congo? 1. Civil society, normally is the part of a population outside of the political scene, as well as the defense force, consisting out of churches, youth, formal groups of women, or informall...

Outils Juridiques pour l'Emancipation des Citoyens Concertation Paysanne pour l'Influence de la Loi d'Orientation Agro Sylvo Pastorale au Senegal /Legal Instruments for the Emancipation of Peasant Citizens Dialogue Regarding the Influence of Agro Sylvo Pa

The experiment proposed in this case concerns the influence of farmers' organizations in the process of developing the Agro-Sylvo Pastoral Guidance Law (LOASP) in Senegal between 2002 and 2004. In addition to documenting this process, it is impor...

Tax Unrest Among Market Traders: The Local Side of Action Aid´s International Tax Justice Campaign in Nigeria

Tax justice has become a popular concept, and a number of international tax justice campaigns have exposed aspects such as the unfairness of tax havens and harmful tax breaks. Yet, the idea of tax justice at the local level is less well-known. The...

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