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Reviving the AU’s Maritime Strategy

The African Union (AU) is failing to implement several key maritime strategies which was drawn up, owing to lack of resources and expertise. The AU risks marginalizing maritime security work, therefore this inertia must change in 2017. This policy b…

Governing the High Seas: Marine Genetic Resources in Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction

Marine genetic resources hold significant potential for a range of commercial applications. Appropriate institutional and regulatory mechanisms for these resources are needed as part of a broader effort to support the conservation and sustainable us…

Oil From The Sea: Trends and Portents

The article looks at how oil is increasingly being extracted from the seabed and the exploitation of petroleum beneath the seas. "West Africa is growing into an important oil-producing region, with Nigeria in the lead."

Multilateral Environmental Agreements and Land and Resource Rights in Africa

"Over the past 70 years, the world’s governments have adopted hundreds of multilateral environmental treaties for the protection of flora and fauna and reducing toxic industrial emissions, among other issues. These treaties are legally binding agre…

Somali Pirates have Rights too Judicial Consequences and Human Rights Concerns

"The international community’s counter-piracy operation off the coast of Somalia has had limited success, despite a proliferation of initiatives and resources. Although the large military presence has increased the number of piracy suspects that are…

SAIIA International Affairs Bulletin, vol. 11, no. 3, 1987

In this issue of the bulletin, debate in the Smuts House notes questions the level of violence and disturbances in the country. The first article looks at economic policies pursued by western government towards South Africa that generates strong emo…

The Law of the Sea and Landlocked States

Landlocked states need access to the sea by means of transit through one or more neighbouring coastal states. Without this right of access, landlocked states would not be able to exercise their rights in terms of the 1982 UN Convention on the Law of…

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