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The Al Bashir Debacle

This article discusses the failure of states to comply with their obligation to execute the warrant issued by the International Criminal Court for the arrest of President Omar Hassan Ahmed Al Bashir of Sudan. There are serious charges against Presi…

Reviving the AU’s Maritime Strategy

The African Union (AU) is failing to implement several key maritime strategies which was drawn up, owing to lack of resources and expertise. The AU risks marginalizing maritime security work, therefore this inertia must change in 2017. This policy b…

Towards People Centered Security Sectors in Africa : A Tale Of Missed Opportunities?

The largest part of the international security agenda is determined in the loosely defined “Global North” and implemented in the “Global South.” This trend needs to be inverted with more voices from the “South” included in debates that shape interna…

L'Exécution Forcée des Obligations de faire Résultant des Pactes de Préférence dans les Cessions d’actions / The Enforcement of Bonds which Resulted from Agreements with sale of Shares

The power of constraint has evolved considerably since the Roman era. In ancient Roman law, the relationship was strictly personal, the creditor could, for reasons of non-performance, capture the debtor and according to the times, have him killed or…

Why Africa must Resolve its Maritime Boundary Disputes

The maritime boundary disputes in Africa, unless resolved in a concerted and timely manner, will imperil both the short and long-term implementation of maritime policies and strategies. Stakeholders and states in Africa must prioritise boundary disp…

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