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Market Structure and Trade Policy in Developing Countries: A General Equilibrium Approach

"Trade policy analysis has experienced major changes over the last decade on both the theoretical and empirical fronts. The "new" trade theory points out that the presence of imperfect competition in a market renders theoretically ambiguous the ma...

Competition, Productivity and Privatisation

"This report is a summary of proceedings and presentations during a policy seminar on "Competition, Productivity and Privatisation" organized by BIDPA and BNPC. The seminar provided a unique opportunity for Botswana public policy-makers and privat...

Transparency in Trade Policymaking: Lessons for South Africa from Australia’s Experiences

Trade policy reform in the form of trade liberalisation is a very important tool for raising living standards and improving a country’s economy. Such reform on its own, however, is likely to be rejected by the public and those sectors that would b...

Looking beyond the Doha Round: Reforming the WTO Negotiating Process

Confidence in the World Trade Organisation (WTO) as the main forum for negotiating the reduction of trade barriers and the creation of favourable conditions for international trade seems to have reached its lowest ebb.

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