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Analyse de lʼinteraction des Politiques Budgétaire et Monétaire au sein de lʼUnion Economique et Monétaire Ouest Africaine /Analysis of the Budgetary and Monetary Policy Interaction within the West African Economic and Monetary Union

This article analyzed the coordination of fiscal and monetary policies within the UEMOA. The analysis of the evolution of budget deficits and public debt shows that there is some form of coordination reinforced by the implementation of the Stability…

Revenue Reform and Statebuilding in Anglophone Africa

In this paper, the tax reforms discussed are a response to fiscal needs, but not generally to fiscal crises. In Section 2, the author explains the situation in which these reforms were introduced. It is explored in more detail in Section 3 (VAT), …

The Impact of Intergovernmental Transfers on Fiscal Behaviour of Local Governments in Ethiopia

This paper examines the effect of intergovernmental fiscal transfers on the fiscal behaviour of local governments in Ethiopia for the period 2004-2018. The empirical findings suggest that central government grants bolster state-level employment and …

The ZIPAR Quarterly: Issue 10

This Issue covers articles based on our Analysis of the 2020 National Budget Speech and other research outputs published and disseminated recently. It also brings to you some news on other happenings in the organization in the last few months. Our c…

Simplifying Property Tax Administration in Africa: Piloting a Points Based Valuation in Freetown, Sierra Leone

Economists generally consider property taxes to be good taxes, and many countries are encouraged to increase and improve revenue collection from property taxes. Beyond the economic efficiency of property taxation, research suggests that the politica…

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