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Un Tournant pour l’économie Mondiale: l’Europe se Réveille, l’Asie Consolide sa position / A Turning Point for the Global Economy: Europe wakes up, Asia Consolidates its Position

Undoubtedly, 2018 marks a turning point in the evolution of the global economy. Europe, after having started to emerge from the crisis in 2017, could enter a phase of sustainable expansion thanks to a structural increase in industrial production, …

Les Cahiers du Conseil de Politique Economique / Economic Policy Council Papers

The main objective of the Economic Policy Council is to examine major themes likely to influence the short-term direction of our economic development. It aims to inform the decision-making of the Minister of Economy, and to stimulate debate on our e…

La Résolution de Conflits à l’épreuve: Enjeux et Défis du Cas Syrien / Conflict Resolution put to the Test: Issues and Challenges of the Syrian Case

This paper aims to consider the blockage that the process of conflict resolution is going through, taking Syria as a case study. The aim will be to focus on the changes introduced by the new global order in conflict zones, before delving deeper into…

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