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Artificial Intelligence and Political Science

The future of representative democracy is uncertain. The gradual consolidation of its institutions, procedures, cultural and ideological references, was directly congruent with the evolution of the industrial age economic and social compound. But th…

Atlantic Currents: An Annual Report on Wider Atlantic Perspectives and Patterns: The South in the Time of Turmoil

Len Ishmael initiated the analysis in this edition by examining the consequences of the United States’ increasingly unilateral foreign policy, explaining the reconfiguration of the global power balance into a bipolar system, and revisiting the emerg…

South Africa in the World: Navigating a Changing Global Order

This report was compiled from Institute for Global Dialogue’s (IGD) flagship symposium South Africa in the World, held in November 2018 and February 2019 and engaged government, academia, business, non-governmental and civil society actors. The symp…

Africa and the World: Navigating Shifting Geopolitics

Geographically situated in the ‘Global South’ as the geological extension of the Afro-Eurasian land mass, Africa is centrally situated at the very intersection of global strategic dynamics. This raises a number of questions. Chiefly: How does Africa…

Dismantling the United Nations system

The UN system is overdue for an overhaul, writes Professor Tim Murithi. He proposes a new, inclusive global order in which African states are ''equal actors on the world stage".

La Résolution de Conflits à l’épreuve: Enjeux et Défis du Cas Syrien / Conflict Resolution put to the Test: Issues and Challenges of the Syrian Case

This paper aims to consider the blockage that the process of conflict resolution is going through, taking Syria as a case study. The aim will be to focus on the changes introduced by the new global order in conflict zones, before delving deeper into…

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