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Building Freedom? Securing Constitutionalism and Civil Liberties in Africa: An Analysis of Evidence from the APRM

"Africa’s turn to electoral democracy over the past three decades has rightly been hailed as a significant achievement, but it has not rid the continent of restrictive and authoritarian governance impulses. This report attempts to interrogate the...

After 50 Years, Freedom of Association is Firmly Established , Though far from Absolute, in Africa

"Fifty years ago today, the United Nations (UN) General Assembly enshrined a freedom that we had probably treasured ever since our evolution into social animals – the right to assemble and associate freely. All African countries except South Sudan...

Are Africans' Freedoms Slipping Away?

Protection of individual rights and liberties has been on both the African continental agenda and the global agenda for decades, shaped especially by the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the African Charter on Human and P...

Social Perception Survey on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Persons Rights in Nigeria

The Initiative for Equal Rights commissioned Vivid Rain to conduct a social perception survey to understand how Nigerians view lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights issues. This poll, which is the fourth in the biennial series, was conduct...

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