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Working Together for REDD+: Developing a National Readiness Strategy in Tanzania

"A global REDD+ mechanism presents valuable opportunities for developing countries to manage their forests sustainably and alleviate poverty. Tanzania stands to benefit significantly from the funding and support provided by the implementation of RE…

Cross‐Border Livestock Trade and Food Security in the Southern and Southeastern Ethiopia Borderlands

"The objective of this study is to characterise and analyse the process of cross‐border livestock trade between Ethiopia and Kenya and the southeastern part of the Ethiopia Somalia borderlands. The study looks at the relationship between cross‐bord…

Forest Taxation and REDD+: An Analysis of Potential Impacts in Cameroon, Ghana and Sierra Leone

This research explores the impacts that REDD+ could have on forest tax systems in three countries in sub-Saharan Africa, and considers how policy could be designed to increase the chances that these impacts are positive. To assess this, a methodolog…

Job Creation in Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in South Africa: An Analysis of Employment Trends, Opportunities and Constraints in Forestry and Wood Products Industries

This report is one of five studies of opportunities and constraints related to employment creation in rural South Africa, with a view towards informing policy. South African forestry and wood products industries are well established, internationally…

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