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ELRI Newsletter Issue 4

This newsletter discusses several issues regarding global warming and climate variability under the following headings: Copenhagen Accord: An insufficient accord to starve off global climate problems; Global Warming and the media; Climate change a...

Sanitation, Potable Water Supply and Environmental Protection Benefits, Progress and Issues for Sustainability in Developing Countries

"At the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD) in Johannesburg in 2002, the international community agreed to a target to halve the proportion of people who lack access to basic sanitation by 2015. Available information paints a grim pictu...

The Karoo Fracking Scenario: Can Development and Environmental Wellbeing Coexist, or Must One of Them Prevail?

"South Africa is now exploring the idea of exploiting the field of shale gas in the Karoo in order to derive energy fundamental for development. The proposal is that shale gas could play a critical role in the country’s energy mix in order to meet...

ELRI Newsletter Issue No 6

In this issue several matters are discussed under the following headings: Environmental Degradation and the plights of vulnerable groups in Nigeria discusses the problems that Nigerian's experience because of the lack of environmental planning. Ou...

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