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Uganda National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan: The Crisis in Uganda's Biodiversity Policy Making Process

"It is important to recognize that Uganda's efforts to transform her economy, social services and politics are directly tied to the fate of our biological resources. Uganda's stock of biological diversity including forests, wildlife, wetlands, micro…

Re-thinking the Application of Sustainable use Policies for African Elephants in a Changed World

"Despite increasing calls to recognise the intrinsic value of biodiversity, the need to incentivise people to choose conservation as a competitive form of land use through a sustainable use (SU) approach remains the de facto and de jure reality acro…

Ensuring Elephant Survival through Improving Community Benefits

"The demand for ivory products exceeds the available supply of elephant tusks, resulting in the extensive illegal killing of elephants. It is therefore imperative that demand-reduction campaigns help consumers to make the link between elephant po…

Values, Culture and the Ivory Trade Ban

"The new reality of a world without ivory trade demands a re-examination of human values towards both elephants and ivory and what each has come to represent. The closure of the world’s largest ivory markets (US and China), in line with the longs…

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