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The Quest for an Information Society : Benchmarking the Regulatory Framework to Usher Kenya in to the Information Era

"The ICT sector is being examined in this paper from the policy, regulatory, and operational levels and examines the interplay of the regulator and its role to catalyse the business environment, the consumer demands and the resulting successes and c…

Asset Pricing and Information Efficiency of the Ghana Stock Market

"The study looks at two main objectives, the asset pricing characteristics and the response to annual earnings announcements of the Ghana Stock Market (GSM). The study hypothesizes that the GSM, as a typical African emerging stock market, is not eff…

Methodology for Value Chain Analysis in ICT Industry Frameworks for the Study of Africa

"The paper uses two analytical frameworks for understanding ICT producing and consuming activities; the national systems of innovation and the value chain methodology. In the following sections, we discuss each of these approaches and examine how t…

Leveraging Private Flows from Digital Technology to Finance SDGs in Africa: E-Business Revenue Opportunities Amidst IFF Challenges

The sixth session of the Africa Regional Forum on Sustainable Development seeks to ' Deliver a Transformed and Prosperous Africa through the 2030 Agenda and Agenda 2063". The forum seeks to explore, gain insights into, share and agree on collective …

Bridging the Digital Divide and Supporting Increased Digital Trade: Scoping Study

The global economy is experiencing important technological shifts, with the rise of digital technology a key driver. This can be seen today in the rapid growth of the digital economy, broadly defined as the use of digital technologies to facilitate …

Harnessing Africa’s digital potential: New tools for a new age

In 2018 and beyond, digitization will provide an important avenue for African economies to leapfrog not only financial development but also development across other sectors of the economy. There are infinite opportunities on the digital platform, an…

Stepping up e-commerce would boost SA Inc

A market of 1.3-billion people could be tapped into if postal and internet services were made efficient and accessible.

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