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Zaire: the Continuing Anarchy

This paper discusses the effects of post colonialism in Zaire and the tyrannic rule of President Mobutu.President Mobutu easily outclasses the most grasping of his counterparts. He rules over a state that has all but vanished while amassing a person…

Explaining Growth in Burundi : 1960-2000

"The study comprises four substantive sections. The first section presents a general picture of macroeconomic and sectoral performance of the economy. The aim is to define the time pattern of growth in Burundi, by dividing the sample period into thr…

Fiddling While Zimbabwe Burns

"While the politicians fiddle around as the flames that engulf Zimbabwe grow in intensity, the glaring reality of Zimbabwe's economic collapse is there for all to see. The economic gains and expanding social services of the 1980s have been thrown i…

The NATO Intervention in Libya: Implications for the Protection of Civilians and the AU’s Pan Africanist Agenda

"This policy brief explores external intervention in Libya within the context of civilian protection and its application. It further discusses the intervention and its implications on Gaddafi’s quest to champion African unity. The paper argues that…

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