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Addressing the Use of Private Security and Military Companies at the International Level

"The aim of this paper is firstly, to contribute to the scholarly debate regarding the use of PMSCs in conflict and post - conflict situations. Secondly, to comment on the current Draft International Convention on the Regulation, Oversight and Moni…

Corporate Options in South Africa

This discussion is done against a backdrop of the campaign against multi-national corporations which is being waged in the world. It discusses the options that corporations have in relation to their objective situation and to this campaign.

Nigeria: Ogoni Land after Shell

Excerpt: "The Nigerian government’s 4 June 2008 decision to replace the Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) as operator of oil concessions in Ogoni areas offers an opportunity for ending one of the longest-running conflicts between a multinat…

Business Climate Deteriorates Further as Fears of the South Sudan Conflict Grips Businesses in Uganda

For the second consecutive quarter, the perceptions on Uganda’s business environment deteriorated. This negative sentiment about the business environment could emanate from the lag effects of the electoral cycle, pass through effects of exchange rat…

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