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Intellectual Property, Traditional Knowledge, Access Benefit Sharing Policy Environment in Eight Countries in Eastern and Southern Africa: Swaziland, Kenya, Lesotho, Mozambique, Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda and Ethiopia

There is need for the African states to develop appropriate policies and legal frameworks to enable the local communities to benefit through Access and Benefit Sharing of their resources nurtured for a long time. The purpose of the study was to buil…

Gender equality in South Africa’s creative sector through the regulation of collective management organisations

Since the end of the apartheid regime, discriminatory laws in South Africa have been replaced with several new laws specifically aimed at addressing gender discrimination. However, inequality persists in many forms and in various sectors of South Af…

Assessing Digitalization and Data Governance Issues in Africa

In the past decade, digitalization and digital technology adoption have become increasingly pervasive in most African countries. These developments promise life-changing benefits for consumers, businesses and governments, and enormous gains in terms…

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