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Mali: the Institution of a New Constitutional Court

The invalidation of about thirty results of the March-April legislative elections by the Constitutional Court triggered series of violent demonstrations to express dissatisfaction by citizens and as a result, an awakening of crisis in the political …

The 'Permanent' Constitution need not be a Prerequisite for Holding Elections in South Sudan

This Review, complements the perspectives and recommendations on whether elections should be held as argued in the Weekly Review titled ‘Democratic Elections in South Sudan’ . While largely in agreement, I argue that despite constitution building pr…

eSwatini tests the limits of its absolute monarchy

The nation formerly known as Swaziland – it is now eSwatini, although there is some debate about this – is one of the few remaining absolute monarchies in the world, and the only one in Africa.Total executive power is in the hands of King Mswati III…

Is there an end in sight to Togo's political crisis?

Elections and a constitutional referendum are set to take place in December 2018, but government and the opposition remain deadlocked on critical issues, writes Wolali Koffi Ahlijah.

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