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Conflict Trends Issue 1 2016

In ‘Conflict in the Great Lakes Region: Root Causes, Dynamics and Effects’ the Great Lakes Region constitutes a complex network of political and economic interactions with significant implications for peace, security and governance. It is also a reg…

G-8 Preview: Bush and Allies to Discuss Repairing Their Rift and Rebuilding Iraq

The annual economic summit of eight industrialized nations, which begins June 1 in Evian, France, will provide an opportunity for President Bush to repair relations with major European countries that opposed the U.S. invasion of Iraq, particularly F…

Nyet and the Nomenklatura South Africa and shipbuilding in Ukraine: Appraising economic, political and military reforms

"This report provides a historical and contemporary overview of the Ukrainian military and its shipbuilding industry, the business environment, and South African and continental relations with Ukraine, and assesses the potential for expanded ties."

Angola and Ukraine: Unlikely bedfellows

This update discusses the relationship between Angola and the Ukraine. The Ukraine has been supplying both UNITA and the Government of Angola with weapons. This supply of arms might tip the strategic balance in Luanda in favour of those who prefer …

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