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Butterfly Effect of the Arab Spring

"There are many theories that have been developed by great thinkers in various fields of study. One of them is “Chaos Theory”, used in such fields as mathematics, physics, meteorology, and engineering. The root of this theory is the hypothesis pre...

The Islamic State : Why Africa Should be Worried

The Islamic State's emergence is the most significant development in Islamist extremism since the 9/11 attacks. Currently it controls significant portions of Iraq and Syria and has divided the global jihadist movement into two, offering a credible...

Responsibility to Protect: Why Libya and not Syria?

"While the intervention in Libya saved relatively many lives, there is hesitation to intervene in Syria due to geopolitics, despite the threshold for intervention having been reached. However, by endorsing the notion of responsibility to protect, ...

Conflict Trends Issue 1 2013

"The Evolving Mediation Capacity of the Southern African Development Community' outlines the progress that SADC has made in its capacity to respond to political conflicts in the Southern African region through mediation. In ‘Political Deadlock in ...

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