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G-8 Preview: Bush and Allies to Discuss Repairing Their Rift and Rebuilding Iraq

The annual economic summit of eight industrialized nations, which begins June 1 in Evian, France, will provide an opportunity for President Bush to repair relations with major European countries that opposed the U.S. invasion of Iraq, particularly F…

The Iberian Connection Strategies for growth and co-operation in Spanish-South African Relations

This report highlights a number of ways to realise the full potential of Spanish-South African relations. Development of joint ventures and investments in mining, infrastructure programmes, marketing, wine making, banking etc. Lessons from shared ex…

The Underlying Causes of Morocco-Spain Maritime Dispute off the Atlantic Coast

This paper will examine the rationale behind Morocco’s decision to update its maritime laws, as well as the underlying causes that have prevented Rabat and Madrid from reaching a definitive agreement on the delimitation of their maritime borders off…

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