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G-8 Preview: Bush and Allies to Discuss Repairing Their Rift and Rebuilding Iraq

The annual economic summit of eight industrialized nations, which begins June 1 in Evian, France, will provide an opportunity for President Bush to repair relations with major European countries that opposed the U.S. invasion of Iraq, particularly F…

What's Urdu for Biltong? Can South Africa Help Pakistan?

"Following its democratic turn in 1994, Nelson Mandela wrote the year previously, the second pillar of South African foreign policy would be the principle ‘that just and lasting solutions to the problems of humankind can only come through the promot…

Climate and Development Outlook: Issue No 4

This document covers various operations regarding climate change negotiation programmes. This issue covers the following articles: Negotiations programme gives island states a greater voice describes the benefits of CDKN’s advocacy fund for the Repu…

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