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Fin de la récréation de Washington face à Pékin: Le retour des Etats-Unis en Afrique / Spelling the end of Washington's leniency with Beijing: The United States' Return to Africa

The African arena is but an episode in the China-USA soap opera. Nevertheless, given the continent's significance in terms of opportunities for major powers, it is also a space where their rivalry comes to the fore. This is the lens through which th…

US and Chinese COVID-19 Health Outreach to Africa and Latin America: A Comparison

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has arguably been worsened by the lack of a coordinated global response, driven in part by the tensions between the US and China. On a wider scale, the pandemic has also driven a nationalist turn that undercuts re…

Africans Regard China's Influence as Significant and Positive, but Slipping

Home to some of the world’s fastest-growing economies, Africa has attracted the attention of leaders and economic strategists everywhere, including China. Over the past two decades, political and economic relations between China and Africa have grow…

The Triumph of Democratic Institutions in the US: Lessons for South Sudan

The inauguration of President Joe Biden on the 20th of January 2021 is a triumph of democracy and democratic institutions in the United States. There were some genuine concerns that peaceful transfer of power might not happen for the first time in A…

Africa, Trump, and the Stakes of the November 3rd Election

The challenges Africa faces have not changed that much over the last few years: Reclaim its battered dignity, build sound economies and democratic institutions, and address a pressing security crisis. In short, to establish throughout the continent …

Victoire de Joe Biden à L'élection Présidentielle aux États-Unis: Une Nouvelle Ère Dans les Relations Internationales ? / Joe Biden's Victory in the US Presidential Election: A New Era in International Relations?

It is important to note that the internal situation in the United States will dictate the first steps of President-elect Joe Biden. However, he is expected to focus on the symbolic and communicational dimensions to "correct" the verbal outrages of h…

Africa's Security and the United States: Letters from Africa to President Joe Biden

This letter to President Biden identifies key areas to address for a better African American relationship in the interest of peace and security. The authors are hopeful that Africa will again feature prominently in US foreign policy.

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