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Changes in Dutch society and their implications for Netherlands-South African relations

This paper discusses the changes in Dutch society that influenced the political development of the country. The religious divide was the cause of discrimination. Therefore a system was developed to ensure the stability that the Dutch experience in t…

International Best Practice in Schooling Reform What can South Africa learn from other countries?

"The workshop underscored the fact that the South African education system is largely failing the community it is meant to serve. South African learners perform very badly in international tests of fundamental skills such as numeracy and literacy. T…

SAIIA International Affairs Bulletin, vol. 6, no. 2, 1982

In this issue, Smuts House notes starts by looking at South Africa’s activity beyond its borders and how Pretoria is involved in upsetting regional security. According to the notes, Pretoria’s security interests are best served by keeping neighbouri…

G-8 Preview: Bush and Allies to Discuss Repairing Their Rift and Rebuilding Iraq

The annual economic summit of eight industrialized nations, which begins June 1 in Evian, France, will provide an opportunity for President Bush to repair relations with major European countries that opposed the U.S. invasion of Iraq, particularly F…

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