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Affirmative action in Malaysia - Costs and benefits

"Malaysia was shocked into taking affirmative action seriously by race riots in 1969. Their three-pronged approach to affirmative action in ownership, employment and poverty alleviation has been successful in reducing ethnic inequalities while achie…

Journal of Energy in Southern Africa Vol 26 No.1

This issue comprises several articles and conference papers. The first article “SAURAN, A new resource for solar radiometric data in Southern Africa” gives a brief background to the SAURAN project and describes the network’s operation, coverage and …

Understanding youth labour demand constraints in Zambia: The mining, manufacturing and construction sectors

"Zambia is among many developing countries struggling to create adequate employment opportunities for its people, especially in the formal economy. There is high youth unemployment, especially in urban areas where it has surged to 40.4% for females …

Ghana’s Middle-Income Reality Check Part II: Social And Infrastructure Dimensions

"After rebasing in 2010, Ghana’s per capita GDP rose to Middle-Income Country (MIC) level as defined by the World Bank. The per capita income measure is, however, seen to be too narrow as it does not even include key economic indicators let alone im…

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