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Comanagement of Natural Resources: Local Learning for Poverty Reduction

In the past two decades we have seen dramatic developments in the understanding of equitable and sustainable natural resource management. These have been informed and backed by innovation and research, not least that supported by IDRC, Canada's Inte…

Efficiency, Sustainability and Exit Strategy in the Oil and Gas Sector: Lessons from Ecuador for Uganda

This paper forecasts the sustainability challenge in Uganda’s oil and gas sector by drawing lessons from the Ecuadorian experience. It reveals that Ecuador in the recent past realized the challenge of sustainability in its petroleum sector, and sinc…

Journal of Energy in Southern Africa Vol 25 No 3

This issue comprises several articles and conference papers. The first article: A case study of climate variability effects on wind resources in South Africa(page 2) studies and compares the wind speed distribution in two different locations. The ne…

Prepare to Appropriate "Associated Gas": Lessons from Ecuador to Uganda

This Policy Brief underlines the problem of gas flaring in the petroleum sector, and draws important lessons from Ecuador for Uganda in the conversion of waste to wealth. The oil industry is associated with greenhouse gas emissions through AG fla…

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