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The AU and the search for Peace and Reconciliation in Burundi and Comoros

"This report highlights the AU’s role in deploying and supporting these mechanisms. At the beginning of both efforts, the OAU/AU faced tremendous difficulties in implementing its policy due to its administrative and logistical weaknesses. However,...

Conflict Trends Issue 2 2008

This issue features several articles under the following headings: The State, Ethnicity and Human Rights in Africa. A Gender Analysis of the Kenyan Crisis. Strategic Communication: The Heart of Post-Conflict Processes. Transnational Ethnic Groups ...

Situation Critical: The Anjouan Political Crisis

"The present crisis in Comoros is a contest for political dominance between elitist groups who see their interest being sustained within the framework of centralisation and those who favour a loose federation. Sambi and Bacar are merely point pers...

The Comoros: Island politics and economic constraints

"The off-shore Indian Ocean Islands of the Comoros have received, press coverage which suggests a breakthrough fot Pretoria's diplomacy. This Brief Report focusses on the following; 1 Background Information and Statistics; 2 Political Developme...

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