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The Petroleum Revenue Sharing Arrangement in South Sudan

South Sudan, a country endowed with petroleum and other natural resources, allocates 2% and 3% of the net petroleum revenues to producing states and communities, respectively. This revenue sharing arrangement is enshrined in the Transitional Const…

Climate and Development Outlook: Stories of Change from CDKN

"This edition of Climate and Development Outlook provides examples of lessons learned in a wide range of activities by our partners across the developing world. You can read about national climate finance initiatives by the governments of Rwanda, C…

The Heavily Indebted Poor Country Initiative: Processes And Issues

"This paper analyzes the Heavily Indebted Poor Countries' Initiative (HIPC) with a focus on the experiences of countries such as Uganda and Bolivia that have had the most experience with the program. It was written at a time when Ghana was consideri…

Multi-Level Pro-Poor Health Governance, Statistical Information Flows, and the Role of Regional Organizations In South America and Southern Africa

In the past decades, health governance has become multi-layered as the combined result of decentralisation, regional integration and the emergence of new actors nationally and internationally. Whereas this has –in principle – enhanced the installe…

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