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Barack Obama “Discovered” Africa for America

The theme of the US Africa Summit held in Washington DC, in August 2014, was “Investing in the Next Generation”. This 3 day summit was the first such summit organized between America and Africa. President Barack Obama, the 44th President of the Uni…

G20, Development and Global Governence: An Assessment

In comparison with the G7/G8, ultimately, the ability of the G20, to take decisions by consensus on policies to be implemented collectively indicates that the G20 is more than just a global talking shop, even if not yet equipped with the powers over…

Iran/Etats-Unis L’assassinat de Soulaimani, pas de quoi générer une guerre / Iran/United States: The Assassination of Sulaimani, not enough to Start a War

In view of the current state of relations between the United States and Iran and the current situation in the region and the world today, this paper attempts to explore the ways in which the tension could evolve. Are we heading for war? Who will be …

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