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Somalia: the Intervention Dilemma

"This Policy Brief examines the apparent urgency to increase AMISOM force levels. It interrogates the AU’s interventionist strategy in Somalia, including the planned troop surge, analyses the terrorist dimension of the bombings, drawing parallels w…

Adding 3Ns to the 3Ds - Lessons from the 1996 Zaire Mission for Humanitarian Interventions

This paper examines the 3D (defence, diplomacy, and development) framework for humanitarian interventions in weak states and/or conflict situations. It accepts that there are some considerable strengths built into this strategic concept for it privi…

G-8 Preview: Bush and Allies to Discuss Repairing Their Rift and Rebuilding Iraq

The annual economic summit of eight industrialized nations, which begins June 1 in Evian, France, will provide an opportunity for President Bush to repair relations with major European countries that opposed the U.S. invasion of Iraq, particularly F…

Local Capacities for Peace: Addressing Land-based Conflicts in Somaliland and Afghanistan

It was the aim of the project to conduct case studies on certain land conflicts in order to generate reliable knowledge on the main causes, the conflict cycle and possible mechanisms of civil conflict resolution. In both Somaliland and Afghanista…

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