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Le Tchad, Nouvelle Pierre Angulaire de la Sécurité en Afrique ? / Chad, a New Cornerstone of Security in Africa?

When it comes to the Malian crisis, the homage paid in Africa, also from Paris and Njamena are unanimous. The intervention at short notice of the Chadian army in Northern Mali, alongside the French soldiers will without question, have strongly helpe…

Looking Back, Moving Forward : A Regional Synthesis Report of Beijing +20 Reviews from Chad, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mauritania, Rwanda and Uganda

Four of the twelve thematic areas of the Beijing Platform for Action (BPfA)is addressed in this report notably, Women and poverty, Women and economy, Violence against women and Women in power and decision-making. The review focuses on the four theme…

‘The Disease is Unbelief’: Boko Haram’s Religious and Political Worldview

"This paper argues that the combination of exclusivism and grievance has provided the ideological framework for Boko Haram’s violence toward the Nigerian state, other Muslims and Christians. The paper draws on primary sources, such as the founder’s …

The Security Challenges of Pastoralism in Central Africa

"Since it began in prehistoric times, pastoralism in Africa has been a story of perpetual movement by cattle and their herders, who have adapted to the region’s climatic and security constraints over thousands of years. In Central Africa, transhuman…

Crédit Bancaire et Performance des Petites et Moyennes Entreprises Tchadiennes à l’ère Pétrolière / Banking and Credit Performance of Small and Medium Enterprises in the Chadian Petroleum Age

"The purpose of this policy brief is to inform businesses and banks and the State on the influence of bank credit on the performance of Chadian companies in the petroleum era. Specifically, it shows that bank credit is a lever for economic- (turnove…

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