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Conflict Trends Issue 1 2015

‘Egypt in the Aftermath of the Arab Spring: What Lies Ahead?’ highlights some of the main security, economic and foreign policy challenges facing the Al-Sisi government. ‘The Democratic Transition in Tunisia: A Success Story in the Making’, portr...

Playing for Peace: Beyond the Big Stage: Football for Peace and Development in Africa

"Following South Africa’s successful hosting of the 2010 Fifa World Cup, ACCORD's special edition magazine takes a unique look at how football is instrumental in bringing peace, unity and development in Africa."

France and Algeria Under De Gaulle

The author begins his article with a description of the man De Gaulle. He then turns to the revolution in Algeria and how the French experienced this so called revolution. It also speaks of Algeria as a colonial country of France, its constitution...

2015 Nutrition Country Profile: Algeria

The individual country profile for Algeria captures the status and progress of this UN Member State, and the 80+ indicators include a wealth of information on child, adolescent and adult anthropometry and nutritional status, in addition to interve...

Algeria and Morocco: Developing Inclusive Strategies can Prevent Violent Extremism

Algeria and Morocco have been hosting thousands of sub-Saharan African migrants for a growing period of time. The migrants live in poor socio-economic conditions and face discrimination, providing fertile ground for radicalisation. Except for on...

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