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Women and Political Leadership: Facilitating Factors in Tanzania

Based on a women and empowerment framework, this study used a life history approach to identify the factors in their life cycle that influenced and helped women during their journey to political empowerment in Tanzania. Twenty women shared with the …

Youth Participation and Non-Violent Resistance in the Democratic Republic of the Congo: The Case of LUCHA

Since its colonisation in 1885, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) has been plagued with violence, conflict and underdevelopment. Much of its post-independence period in the 20th century was spent under the brutal dictatorship of President Mobut…

What Enables or Disables Leadership for Transformational Change in Africa?

This paper reviews the findings of a study that hypothesised that leadership had been instrumental to bringing about change in Africa but acknowledged that what constituted leadership, and how leadership had facilitated change, was poorly understood…

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