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Managing Natural Resources to Ensure Prosperity in Africa

"The discovery and extraction of natural resources has the potetial to finance rapid, sustained and broad-based development. However, the historical record of resource discoveries in developing countries is deeply worrying. Often discoveries have l…

Extractives for Human Development: Maximizing Domestic Participation Along the Value Chain

Tanzania has a wealth of natural resources. . If managed well, the country’s resource deposits, especially natural gas, have the potential to fast track economic growth and development, support the diversification of the economy into higher value-…

The Green Growth Platform: Inspiring a Green Approach to Development

Economic growth is essential for Africa’s development. In order to ensure sustainability and inclusivity, this growth must not compromise human well-being, social equity or the environment. In Africa generally and in Tanzania, there is growing awar…

Realizing the Blue Economy in Zanzibar: Potentials, Opportunities, and Challenges

This paper reviews the concept of blue economy, how it relates to Zanzibar and how to take advantage of the development opportunities it provides. In particular, the paper identifies the strengths of the blue economy and the opportunities available,…

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