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The Green Growth Platform: Inspiring a Green Approach to Development

Economic growth is essential for Africa’s development. In order to ensure sustainability and inclusivity, this growth must not compromise human well-being, social equity or the environment. In Africa generally and in Tanzania, there is growing awar…

Towards a Green Economy: Exploring the potential of forestry in Tanzania through the Green Growth Platform

"Green Growth is vital for sustainable development due to its consideration for social and environmental components that compliment, rather than work against the economic elements. Foresty and related activities are an ideal sector where the elimi…

African Leadership Forum 2016: Enabling African Businesses to Transform the Continent / Forum des Dirigeants Africains, Anee 2016: Mettre les Enterprises Africaines en Mesure de Transformer le Continent

Africa needs a strong, modern, competitive, innovative and dynamic private sector to drive economic growth and sustainable development. The success of efforts to lift millions out of poverty and improve the lives of all Africans as envisioned by the…

The Role of State-owned Enterprises in Industrialization in Tanzania: Lessons from East Asian Economies

Inspired by the success of countries in East Asia, the Government of Tanzania is aggressively pursuing industrialization as a strategy to accelerate socio-economic development, create jobs and substantially reduce poverty. Notably, many economies …

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