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Understanding the Total Factor Productivity Shortfall in Sub-Saharan Africa

"Some argue that Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) is unique and the fundamental policies and institutions that govern income or productivity variation across countries do not explain the total factor productivity (TFP) shortfall within SSA. This study put...

Effects of Regional Trade Agreements on Strategic Agricultural Trade in Africa and its Implications to Food Security: Evidence from Gravity Model Estimation

"The problems of African agricultural development have been at the forefront of the debate on Africa’s development since the Lagos Plan of Action in 1963. During the 2004 AU meeting in Sirte, Libya and subsequently in the 2006 AU/NEPAD Summit on F...

The Republic of South Sudan: Progress, Prospects and Challenges of Regional Integration

Belonging to one or more regional blocks is very popular in Africa as could be seen from the plethora of multiple membership of countries. South Sudan is no exception in such effort. The purpose of this research is to assess the extent to which th...

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