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Exploring Economic Growth Potential through Infrastructure Collaboration: The Case of Kenya and Sudan

"The paper is organized as follows. After the introductory note, section two will briefly outline some salient features of the Kenyan and Sudanese economies, particularly their energy structure. The third section will briefly review the literature...

Effects of Regional Trade Agreements on Strategic Agricultural Trade in Africa and its Implications to Food Security: Evidence from Gravity Model Estimation

"The problems of African agricultural development have been at the forefront of the debate on Africa’s development since the Lagos Plan of Action in 1963. During the 2004 AU meeting in Sirte, Libya and subsequently in the 2006 AU/NEPAD Summit on F...

Enhancing the Development of the Private Sector For Inclusive Growth and Job Creation in the IGAD

The IGAD region has tremendous untapped potential, including abundant agricultural and livestock resources, considerable mineral, hydrocarbon and water resources, unique tourism assets, and a long coastline lying along the busiest shipping lanes...

Macroeconomic Performance of IGAD and the Implications of China's Economic Slowdown

The Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD) as one of the relatively newly constituted regional block is composed of diverse countries with varied economic structures and agro-ecological zones. Member states (that includes Djibouti, E...

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