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Political Dynamics in the Horn of Africa: Nurturing the Emerging Peace Trends

National and regional stability in the Horn of Africa serve as vital components of the sustainable development objectives across the region. Faced with myriad challenges relating to weak governance and state institutions, porous and contested nati…

State of Peace and Security in Africa 2019

There is a sense of déjà vu that 2019 may replay several of the key trends that were predominant in 2018, as subsequent chapters in this Report indicate. For instance, three out of four African citizens now live in countries where governance has imp…

SPSA 2020: Executive Summary of the State of Peace and Security in Africa Report 2020

The 2019 SPSA Report invariably leaves two key questions. The first one, relates to whether or not the year 2019 could be held up as a viable foundation for something bigger and more ambitious for the continent in the light of AfCFTA, and one from w…

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