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Compliance with Petroleum Industry Transparency and Accountability Rules in South sudan

This paper reviews the existing transparency and accountability rules to understand the extent to which these have been implemented. Despite the existence of strong petroleum transparency and accountability legal rules, we find that compliance with …

Confronting a Life-threatening Pollution: A Guide for Credible Environmental and Social Audit of Petroleum Companies' Operations in South Sudan

This policy brief discusses how the recently proposed environmental and social audit of the petroleum companies’ operations by the Ministry of Petroleum can be conducted to generate scientific evidence that can assist in finding a permanent solutio…

Sporadic Fuel Crisis in South Sudan: Causes Impacts and Solutions

South Sudan has encountered waves of periodic fuel crisis since 2011. The government has attempted quick-fix measures, but the crisis has continued unabated. Despite a number of speculations surrounding this matter, however, the actual causes and im…

Making Sense of South Sudan's New Petroleum HSE Management System and Plan Regulations

Environmental conditions in South Sudan’s petroleum producing areas have continued to deteriorate. This is demonstrated by recent reports of oil leaks and spills, inappropriate handling of produced water and mud pits, birth defects, people and anima…

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