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The State of the South Sudanese National Unity

This paper discusses the state of South Sudan’s national unity. Ever since the outbreak of the violent conflict in 2013, the landscape in South Sudan has not been the same. The conflict has created very bitter divisions and experiences that have had…

Federalism Debate in South Sudan: Laying the Foundation for Acceptable, Responsive, and Inclusive Governance

The South Sudanese parties to the conflict signed the Agreement on the Resolution of Conflict in South Sudan (ARCISS) in August 2015 and essentially agreed to establish a federal system of government. This raises three critical questions. First, do …

Understanding the Imperative of a People-Centered Constitution in South Sudan

As South Sudanese warring parties are set, albeit be grudgingly, to embark on implementing the peace agreement they signed in August 2015, a sense of cautious optimism is being expressed, and rightly so. Since it broke out in mid-December 2013, th…

Improving Gender Equality Quota Implementation in Post-Conflict South Sudan

The importance of gender equality continues to dominate governance and constitutional discourses in a range of developing and fragile societies, especially in Africa. To help foster a better understanding on how South Sudan has been grappling with …

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