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Investing in Flood Risk Management Reduces Flood Vulnerability and Builds Climate Resilience: The Role of Public-private Partnerships in Managing flood Risk in the Lower Incomati Basin

The Climate Resilient Infrastructure Development Facility (CRIDF) catalysed a public–private partnership to manage floods in the Lower Incomati Basin. The aim is to deliver economic benefits to all Basin inhabitants and to reduce the vulnerability o…

Investing £24,000 in Flood Forecasting Systems in the Limpopo River Basin Saves £140,000 per Annum in Flood Damage: Data sharing and Early Warning Flood Forecasting in the Limpopo River Basin

In the transboundary Limpopo River Basin, the riparian states of Botswana, Mozambique, South Africa and Zimbabwe can now share real-time water-level and flow gauge data. Fed into a hydraulic model of the Limpopo River, the shared data can predict f…

Dam Operating Rules and Community Tools to Ensure Water for All in the Save Basin

The Save Basin is a catchment area of tributaries to the Runde River and the Save River, which raise complex issues for water managers as they traverse the border between Mozambique and Zimbabwe. In a region where rainfall has always been variable…

Coordinating to Halt the Damage of Floods in the Lower Incomati Basin

A productive, but flood-prone, Mozambican river basin presents a challenge for its diverse private and public stakeholders. Working in coordination with a shared set of tools has brought them together to consider a less vulnerable future for all. Ly…

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