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Gender, Agriculture and Climate Change in Malawi

Agriculture is essential to the Malawian economy and is a key livelihood activity – but it is vulnerable to climate change. Gender inequality results from different gender roles – what we deem appropriate behaviour for men and women in society. ...

Climate Models: What They Show Us and How They can be Used in Planning

This report discusses the climate conditions that we experience, which are the result of complex interactions between processes occurring in the atmosphere and in the oceans. These mentioned processes operate at global and local scales. They are...

Unlocking International Finance for Water Infrastructure in Angola

The impacts of climate change will increase the costs of delivering the infrastructure needed to expand access to water and sanitation across developing countries. It will be important for countries like Angola to access increased levels of climat...

How to Understand and Interpret Global Climate Model Results

Climate modelling approaches projecting future changes to the Earth’s climate vary widely, generating different types of data set. These results are often displayed visually in a variety of formats, such as statistical graphs, maps and increasingl...

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