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Africa's Democracy: "Is the Environment Enabling or Disenabling"

The State of the Union Report addresses what lies above and below Africa’s current development trajectory. Too often we only ask what must be done and how it should be done but we seldom ask why our development efforts sometimes works in a sustained…

Aid Effectiveness: Trends and Impacts of Shifting Financial Flows to Civil Society Organisations in Southern Africa

Significant changes are taking place in the global aid architecture. A number of efforts are also being made to mobilise additional development finance and to make aid more effective in reducing poverty.The report notes that civil society has a crit…

Establishing a Civil Society Support Mechanism with the Pan African Parliament (PAP), the New Partnership for Africa's Development (Nepad) and the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM)

This research presents findings of a study on establishing a civil society interface mechanism with the African Union, in particular those institutions based in Midrand, South Africa: the African Peer Review Mechanism, the New Partnership for …

Follow the Money: Policies and Practices in Donor Support to Civil Society Formations in Southern Africa

Chapter 1 provides an overview of recent trends and shifts in global aid policies and the role of civil society in development. Chapter 2 provides an overview of recent trends in aid flows and support to civil society in southern Africa. Chapter 3 …

How can we make Aid to Civil Society Organisations more Effective in Overcoming Poverty?

"In the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region, in particular, aid volume to civil society is increasing substantially but is difficult to quantify due to the limited classification of aid by donors as it relates to the definition of …

Constructing a Developmental and Transformational Philanthropy in Africa Towards a New Regulatory Common Sense

"This report analyses the political economy of legislation governing the doing of philanthropy in Africa. It pays particular attention to trends and specific country contexts and how these drive national or global agendas. It analyses the enabling e…

COVID-19 Response Tracker

The Southern Africa Trust collated responses to the COVID-19 pandemic by civil society organisations from SADC region and beyond. This publication also highlights the actions taken by organisations in response to COVID-19.

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