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Regional Food Security Policy Dialogue

"The dialogue focused on the opportunities for smallholder farmers, who form the majority of the farmers in the region, that are being envisioned and created by the SADC Regional Agricultural Policy (RAP) as it is being formulated, and the existin...

Can Smallholder Farmers Address Hunger in the Region? Public Dialogue Report

"Agriculture provides an indispensable part of the livelihoods of the poorest households in southern Africa. The sector is a primary source of income for the rural population and contributes to foreign exchange earnings for southern African econom...

Seeds of Plenty: How Boosting Smallholder Farming can Ease Hunger and Reduce Poverty at the Household Level in Southern Africa

"This policy brief looks at the factors constraining the productivity of smallholder farmers to achieve food security for poor households and communities, as a contribution to poverty eradication in southern Africa. The brief examines the charac...

Partnerships for Pro-Poor Policy Change in Africa

"The Southern Africa Trust launched the initiative Creating Linkages Between Research, Advocacy and the Media for Pro-Poor Policy Change in Africa (‘Linkages’) in October 2010 to explore whether more effective civil society collaboration (particul...

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