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Assessment Study on Female Police Officers in Police Forces in Somalia

This study endeavoured-, among others, to identify progress made by the milestones set in the Somali Compact and the Rule of Law Joint Program with its goals of Peace and State building through the federal government of Somalia and the member state…

Youth Radicalization in Somalia: Causes, Consequences and Potential Solutions

Radicalisation is undermining Somalia’s peace, stability and development prospects. Religious extremism in the country has also become a security concern for the region and the world. Young, uneducated Somalis and their well-educated diaspora peers …

The Idle Youth Labor Force in Somalia: A Blow to the Country's GDP

The Somali population is young; it is estimated that 70% of the population is under 30 years. If the youth are not engaged in productive enterprises, it will have a contrary lasting impact on socio-economic development of the country for generations…

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