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Gender in Higher Education in Puntland: From Accessibility to Creating Supportive Environment for Women in Higher Education and Research

Female educational attainments are associated with women’s capacity to make informed decisions about various aspects of life, including health, marriage, and reproduction. Similarly, there is a positive relationship between educational attainment …

Women's Political Participation in Puntland - Prospects for Progress

The study aimed at assessing and documenting women’s political participation in Puntland, focusing on the recent political processes while drawing lessons from historical trends and broader societal issues surrounding women’s political participation…

Rape: A Rising Crisis and Reality for the Women in Somalia

Somali women are the economic backbone in Somali society and in recent years have assumed more prevailing position as breadwinners of many families. They are the bond that holds families together. They are, however, marginalized and underrepresented…

A Call for Inclusive Entrepreneurship in Somalia: Opportunities and Barriers for Female Entrepreneurs in Accessing Micro-Finance

Between 800 A.D. and 1,000 A.D., Somalis exported gums, precious gems, ghee and ostrich feathers particularly to Ethiopia and nearby Arabia (the Arabian Peninsula). They also traded slaves who were brought to the ports from further inland. The Musl…

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